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Saves lives

With better supervision of which drugs the patient takes, and when, the risk of injuries and hospitalizations related to faulty medication can be reduced.

Saves time

With Dosell, nursing and home care staff can remotely control and monitor the patient’s medication. That way, valuable time is released from administrating medication to other important patient work.

Reduces healthcare costs

Fewer hospitalizations and more effective use of the healthcare staff’s work hours can reduce healthcare costs for municipalities and county councils.

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A selection of municipalities using Dosell

Safer medication handling

The Dosell system ensures safe pharmacotherapy as the risk of medication errors is reduced. The service uses mechanical dose distribution sachets provided by a pharmacy, reading the time for administering medication from the dose sachet text field and operating accordingly. Homecare clients can feel good about always getting the correct medicine in the prescribed dose at the right time.


What are the benefits of Dosell for healthcare providers?

Dosell can relieve health care professionals in their daily work of hamdling medication for patients. By online connection, Dosell can be remotely controlled by healthcare personnel or relatives and alert the caretaker if necessary. In this way, healthcare staff can save valuable time and resources in handling medicine.

How do I get a Dosell to myself or my relative?

Dosell is currently only available for municipalities, county councils and healthcare providers. If you are a private person and want a Dosell, contact your responsible healthcare provider. In the longer term, Dosell will be available for private individuals via an e-commerce solution on our website.

Do I get help installing Dosell?

For healthcare organizations that order Dosell, we perform configuration and offer free education of the healthcare staff who will use the device.

Can I load Dosell on my own, as a patient or relative?

Dosell can only be unlocked and refilled by the responsible caregiver and any relatives who have been granted authorization for this. If an unauthorized person tries to open Dosell, the machine alarms theresponsible healthcare provider via the associated app.

How often does Dosell need to be reloaded?

One load of dose-packed drugs lasts for two weeks.

Can several people share the same Dosell?

No, Dosell is personal and is set to deliver drugs to one user at a time.

Is Dosell locked to the ApoDos system?

There are several suppliers of dose bags in Sweden. Dosell is compatible with all formats.

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