Dosell support


Do I need to add my bankcard to get a free month?

Yes. Apply the discount code at the same time you add your bankcard details. If you later do not want to continue use Dosell you will have to terminate your subscription before the next payment to not be charged the upcoming month. You terminate the subscription in the app under subscriptions. 

How do I attach the discount code?

You add your discount code simultaneously as you put in your bankcard details.  

How do I splice my sachet roll with a new?

Choose ‘’Load sachet roll’’ in the app and then –> ‘’Splice sachet strip’’, follow the instructions. Splice the sachet roll on the back of the sachet strip. 

I ran out of splice tape, how do I get a new one?


What happens if I splice on the front of the sachet strip?

Dosell will most likely send the alarm ‘’Failed to read next time of dispensation’’ and you will have to re-load the strip. The tape may interfere with the camera in Dosell and result in difficulties reading the information on the sachet.  

There are new/ different times on my new sachet strip compared to the old, can I still splice them together?

No, if the time on the strips varies you should not splice them together but let the old strip run out before loading with the new one. This because Dosell by safety reasons stops the dispensing if there is a different dispensing schedule in the middle of the strip. 

I am trying to load Dosell with a new sachet strip but fail. What am I doing wrong?

There could be several reasons, ensure below:  

  • Led-light 1 is green, the power cord is connected 
  • Led-light 2 is off or green 
  • Enter a date for ‘’last day of dispensation’’ that is longer than 2 days ahead 
  • You have torn off the empty bags that can be found in the begging of a new sachet strip 
  • The first sachet must be ahead in time, if its 17:00 and you are trying to load a sachet strip with the first dispensation of 17:00 the attempt will fail. You will need at least a few minutes margin.  

If the loading procedure still fails, turn off the Dosell according to the instructions that follows in the package, re-start it and try again.  

What kind of telephone can I use for the application?

iOS 10 or later and Android 6 or later.

How do I pair to Dosell?

You must have Bluetooth turned on your telephone. All instructions are included in the app as well as the QuickGuide. See the instructions under ‘’Pair to Dosell’’ in the app and follow the steps provided.  

Do I need to be logged in to the app for Dosell to give me my medicine?


Do I need internet to use Dosell?

No. You only need internet connection on the phone that uses the app (in order to activate the subscription and load Dosell with a sachet strip).  

I want to change the card that is debited for the subscription, how do I do this?

You do this in the app under ‘’My account – subscription’’. 

We need to pause the subscription, how do I do this?

In the app under ‘’My account – subscription’’, simply pick terminate. You can later on choose a subscription plan and activate it when you want to use Dosell again.  

We bought two Dosell, do I need two applications or does it work with one phone?

You can use the same phone and application for several Dosell, however ensure that you have an active subscription for each unit. You will then see 2 Dosell under ‘’My account’’.  

What does the 3 led lights on Dosell mean?

Status light 1 – Power supply 


Dosell is switched on and has power supply 


Dosell is switched on but lacks power supply and uses its battery. Dosell has a limited battery supply of 48h, attach the power cord as soon as possible  


Dosell is switched on but lacks power supply and uses its battery, the battery is critically low. Attach the power cord as soon as possible and restart Dosell 


Dosell is switched off  


Status light 2 – Connection to cloud service 


Dosell has successfully established a connection to the cloud and sent information. The green light will shut down in a few minutes 


Dosell is trying to establish a connection to the cloud service.  


NOTE: If light no 2 is yellow you cannot pair, wait until the light goes out.  


Dosell has failed to establish a connection to the cloud, probably because Dosell does not have internet coverage. Try to relocate Dosell and restart it.  


If the problem persists, contact your purchase place.  


By default, this light is always off except when it is trying or just have been in contact with the cloud 


Status light 3 – Current status of Dosell 


Ready to dispense the next sachet 


The sachet strip is starting to run out and needs to be refilled with a new one soon.  


An error has occurred. Check the type of error by connecting to Dosell with the app and looking at the alarm history. Restart the Dosell 

How do I turn Dosell on and off?

Start Dosell:  Plug in the power cord, hold the button on Dosell for 3 seconds until you hear the motors inside starting, an upgoing tune and can see 3 green flashes in the sachet slot. The led lights on the side of the unit should be on as informed above. When the blue light in the sachet slot starts flashing after approximately 4 minutes you can connect through the application.  


Shut off Dosell:  Hold the button on Dosell for 8 seconds, until you hear a down going tune and can see 3 green flashes in the sachet slot. Unplug the power cord, all the led lights should be off, then the Dosell is shut off.  

What do all error codes mean?
Error code Message   Action
1 The clock has been corrected  No action
2 The clock differs by 5 minutes  Restart Dosell
3 Clock error  Restart Dosell
4 Unable to retrieve WAN time  Restart Dosell
5 Could not load dose roll  Restart Dosell and try again
6 Could not load dose roll Restart Dosell and try again
7 Can not read time and date Tear off the first bag and try again
8 The time and date for dispensation have already passed Tear off the first bag and try again
9 Could not take reference picture Restart Dosell and try again
10 Cannot find position for clip Tear off the first bag and try again
11 Can not cut the next bag Tear off the first bag and try again
12 Could not cut the next bag Tear off the first bag and try again
13 The bag is not in the dose compartment after cutting Reload the doseroll
14 The bag has not been removed from the compartment Reload the doseroll
15 The time on the bag does not match the schedule Reload the doseroll
16 Time to refill the dose roll Load new doseroll
17 Button press is missing Reload the doseroll
18 Last sachet dispensed Reload the doseroll
400 Could not send SMS Restart Dosell
401 Could not send SMS Restart Dosell
500 Could not connect to WAN Restart Dosell
600 Backend URL is missing Contact support
601 Could not communicate with backend Restart Dosell
602 Could not communicate with backend Restart Dosell
603 Could not find backend API Restart Dosell
700 Download server URL is missing Contact support
701 Could not communicate with download server Contact support
702 Could not authenticate download server Contact support
703 Could not access download server API Contact support
704 Could not list content in download server Contact support
705 Incorrect information received from download server Contact support
706 Failed to validate downloaded file Contact support
800 Upload server URL is missing Contact support
801 Could not communicate with upload server Contact support
802 Could not authenticate upload server Contact support
803 Could not find upload server API Contact support
900 A serious error has been detected that may require technical service Contact support

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