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“Italy is one of the countries with the highest rates of population ageing. Over 24 million people are chronically ill. People who take more than 5 tablets a day are 8.8 million and those who take more than 10 are 2.9 million. REMEDIO’s strategy is to offer services for the care of chronic patients, and to turn the 20,000 pharmacies into real service hubs. Dosell and iZafe’s expertise, is an excellent companion for revolutionizing the standards of pharmacological therapy in Italy.”

Alessandro Ladecola


“Thanks to a great and safe technology, and favorable pricing, the Dosell medicine dispenser is the perfect complement to our welfare technology platform.”
Arvid Bakken

General Manager, Careium AS

“With a growing and aging population in Norway, the need for home care services is great, and is expected to increase. At the same time, Covid-19 has further strengthened the need. The Dosell medication dispensing robot has been integrated into our platform for digital welfare technology, which provides increased independence and security for the elderly. With the unique price picture that Dosell offers, we have succeeded in strengthening our competitiveness in procurement.”
Geir Tore Jakobsen

CEO, Hepro AS

“With Dosell as a service in the product portfolio, our successful system integration of efficient and valuable welfare technology for health and care continues. Dosell contributes to large savings for healthcare staff through reduced travel time, fewer visits to users while at the same time significantly increasing the safety of handling medicines.”
Marcus Nystrom

Marketing Manager, Zafe Care Systems

“Hippo enables virtual care worldwide and is pleased to add this vital function to improve quality of life and health for patients, and to lower the total cost of healthcare. It’s part of Hippo’s goal to make Polymorphic Medicine a reality – our approach to health and care is an optimal blend of self-care, physical care, and virtual care, matching patient needs and preferences with available resources to maximize outcomes.”

Patrick Quinlan

M.D, CEO and co-founder, Hippo Technologies, Inc.

“We are delighted by the partnership between Vivago and iZafe. The partnership will be a key step in Vivago’s future ventures in the digitalisation of medication dispensing in Finland while reinforcing our service offering. The partnership with iZafe and their Dosell digital medication dispenser makes a more comprehensive service offering to our customers in Finland possible. Vivago’s health and well-being solutions combined with Dosell will enhance safety and provide better care to our elderly people.”
Niina Vilkas

CEO, Vivago Ltd.

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