Be the first to buy Dosell as a consumer

In 2021, Dosell has been launched as a consumer version for private individuals via pharmacies. Be one of the first to buy Dosell for yourself or for a relative.

Saves lives

With better supervision of which drugs the patient takes, and when, the risk of injuries and hospitalizations related to faulty medication can be reduced.

Saves time

With Dosell, nursing and home care staff can remotely control and monitor the patient’s medication. That way, valuable time is released from administrating medication to other important patient work.

Reduces healthcare costs

Fewer hospitalizations and more effective use of the healthcare staff’s work hours can reduce healthcare costs for municipalities and county councils.

Who can get started? 

 Anyone can already today order their medicines packaged in sachets, regardless of whether a doctor prescribes the service or not. Apoteket AB provides the DosPac service.

Dosell Consumer is aimed primarily at the more than 200,000 people who already receive their medications in dose-packed sachets, as well as all of those who choose in the future to pay for medication delivered in sachets to enhance safety and peace of mind. Dosell Consumer will also appeal to relatives who want to make sure their loved ones take the right medicines at the right time to improve wellbeing and minimise the risk of medication errors. If the person does not take their medication as planned, the Dosell app notifies a relative or care professional, who can act quickly to make sure the medication is taken as prescribed.

Dosell Consumer will be available via pharmacies, health centers, partners and via


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